8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

8-Ball Pool is the most commonly played version of pool in the United States. You can play our free 8 Ball Pool Game online without a six-pocket table and cue stick. Perform your tricks against a computer opponent now! Before starting the game, you have the option to choose easy, medium and hard. The harder it is, the more accurate the opponent’s moves will be. You can aim your cue and set the power of a shot by holding the mouse button. Your goal is to pocket the colored pool balls of your type while preventing the opponent from doing the same. After you pocket all seven of your pool balls, you need to pocket the eight ball (black ball) to win. You must also pocket the black ball exactly into the pocket you choose. Be careful! Hitting the black ball into the wrong pocket or pocketing the black ball before the other seven results in an instant loss.

8 Ball Pool game modes:

  • 1 on 1 (random pairing with a human player)
  • Special Game (tournaments but you’ll have to be at a minimum player level to access this mode)
  • 9 Ball
  • Minigames (pretty basic games-of-chance with the object of gaining more coins for in-game upgrades)
  • Playing with Friends (signing in with Facebook allows you to create a ‘friends’ list to quickly request games with people you know. Excellent alternative to playing worldwide strangers.)
  • Practice Offline (just what it says)

8 Ball Pool Review

The controls to 8 Ball Pool are pretty intuitive. When it’s your turn, you control your cue by swiping your finger to align the cue with the cue ball. There’s an alignment guide that helps you dial in your angle to impact your target ball to your intended pocket.

You can also touch a cue icon that brings up a larger face of your cue ball, allowing you touch placement of your intended “English” on the ball when you strike it. Lastly, there is a power meter to the left. Simply pull back and release at the point where you think the prime power level is.

If you miss, your opponent has their turn. And so on.

In 8-ball pool, you are either “solids” or “stripes”, where you have seven balls to put away. Once done, you can then try to pocket the 8-ball. First player to pocket all seven balls plus the neutral 8-ball wins.

In 9-ball pool, you try to pocket balls in numerical order (1, 2, 3, etc.) Only the balls numbered 1 thru 9 are used. Neither player ‘owns’ any balls on the table as you’re both trying to pocket the same balls. If you’re on, say, the 7-ball and miss; then it’s your opponents turn to pocket it. Whoever pockets the 9-ball is the winner.

For a casual pool player, I was surprised at how addicted I became to this game. Due to the time limit, the games move quite swiftly, and I found myself often thinking, “Just one more game, and I can win some of my money back.” While I admit that line of thinking isn’t particularly healthy, each round of 8 Ball Pool never failed to get me somewhat excited or nervous — especially when both my opponent and I had a shot on the eight ball. Whether you’re an amateur or pro in real life, 8 Ball Pool is a polished billiards app with a lot of opponents to test your skills against and plenty of replay value.

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8 Ball Pool is certainly a low-threshold entry into a quick game of pool this is a great thing. If you are looking to play pool, chances are you already know about the game, and just want to play. 8 Ball Pool lets you just get in and play and for as long as you want.
  • Polished
  • Fun
Gameplay - 9.1
Graphics - 9
Audio - 9.2
Longevity - 9.2

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