FrostRunner is a first-person platformer “speedrunning” game, where the player is tasked with rapidly completing platforming challenges before the timer runs out. The game is set in a desolate, frozen environment seemingly abandoned by all life. Scattered throughout the icy landscape are mysterious energy crystals emanating a strange power. The player navigates 36 levels of arctic terrain using their platforming skills and a tool that allows them to tether between crystals. The constantly ticking timer encourages players to complete levels as quickly as possible and compete with others to earn their place at the top of the leaderboards.


• Fast-Paced Movement Mechanics
• 36 Levels
• Leaderboards
• Achievements
• Collectables
• Unlockable Challenge Levels

FrostRunner Review

There is no story to the game, but it’s not needed as it’s straightforward. The tutorial levels explain everything you need to know and it’s very easy to catch on. Gameplay wise the controls are good and it feels right. (I still haven’t figured out if I can bunny hop or not but that’s probably because I’m not that good at speedrunning games.) It has a Leaderboard so you can see the records of other players and try to beat them.

It’s fun to figure out all the different ways to get faster and beat others. If you replay a level, you will see your previous play as a purple circle so you can see where you’re faster or slower. It helped me to figure out some parts that I was bad at and get a better time.

Graphics and models are good, but they can be improved in some areas. The level layout isn’t something innovative, but it does get the job done and shows you the ropes in these kinds of games. (Sometimes, I jumped too early and landed on the edge of the platform and got stuck.) Making the models a bit smoother would be a nice small change but it’s not game breaking. As for the music, there isn’t much variety or excitement in it so it got dull pretty fast. FrostRunner is worth a try as it is Free and quite fun to jump into when you’re bored. The levels are short and don’t take longer than 30 seconds to complete.

This is great for people that like to try stuff over and over until they get it just right. It’s really motivating because if you try hard enough, you even make it to the top 10 lists, because the community is still small and the game fresh, so the best routes aren’t even all figured out yet. That’s what makes this fun for me. The game mechanics are very abusable and there’s a lot of stuff you only figure out after the 100th attempt. Which is exactly what you want for a game like this.

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A very fun (albeit short) platformer game. It's relatively easy to clear, and I beat it in around an hour. There's some fun ideas, and I'd love to see more of this. A couple of minor colission bugs, like clipping into the ground and dying once or twice, and some levels are a bit too tricky (ice-oriented levels being particularly annoying), but nothing game breaking. Plus, it's free, so what do you lose besides a bit of time?
  • Short Levels
  • Leaderboard
  • Replayability
  • Good time waster
  • Not enough Levels
Gameplay - 8.2
Graphics - 8.1
Audio - 8.2
Longevity - 8.1

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