Megaton Rainfall

Megaton Rainfall

Megaton Rainfall is a first-person superhero game. A global alien invasion is taking place and you must face it – alone. Chase massive destruction devices at supersonic speeds around an Earth that’s as large as the real thing and populated with semi-procedurally generated cities.

Then finish off the alien devices with your lethal energy blasts. Just be careful to avoid human casualties! You are so powerful, you’ll leave a trail of collapsed buildings if you miss your targets!

Feel unprecedented freedom of movement as you fly through buildings, break the sound barrier, and accelerate to extraordinary speeds. Then rise above the atmosphere, circumnavigate the Earth in seconds, and get ready for your next battle. ‘Megaton Rainfall’ is the ultimate superhero experience!

Megaton Rainfall is an action game set in an open world environment and played from a first person perspective. It can be played normally, and it can also be played using PlayStation VR with a virtual reality headset. The player must protect cities from hordes of attacking aliens while avoiding collateral damage, and while the game’s singular protagonist can not die, cities can. The player has the ability to fly at supersonic speed even outside the atmosphere, and can reach mach 10 in 5 seconds. Earth is represented in full scale within the game, and although not every city is represented, it is possible to fly from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, outside of earth’s atmosphere, and to leave the solar system. The player is able to fly around other planets as well to find cities and missions.

Megaton Rainfall Review

The game is quite repetitive, the powers are cool, the flight is cool. The soundtrack is amazing, but like everyone else is saying the controls are a bother and it can be frustrating.

The graphics, I understand could be worse, but they are definitely just particle fx with some texturing. The models are pretty empty, the draw distance kills the realism and there aren’t very many real cities to visit if at all. There’s a couple landmarks you will recognize but they are indestructible. I am sad you can’t drill deeper into the earth and that the other planets have less TLC given to the way they are/look. I was hoping to visit Jupiter.

Jupiter is a terrifying planet. It’s a raging gas planet that we don’t even know has a surface. I was excited to get there, but you just bounce off the atmosphere and it was really disappointing. Not to mention I was getting lost in deep space pretty easily.

I did enjoy the game, I would recommend anyone to play it, but given I got mored after 2.5 hours of gameplay, I don’t know if i can recommend a purchase unless it was on sale or something.

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Still, when Megaton Rainfall succeeds, even the relative problems fade into the background. Watching aliens crumble into a million pieces, stare in horror as a city gets eclipsed in a nuclear blast, watching a mothership collapse under fire, drilling into the Earth to stop a bomb from going off--all of these are the stuff of childhood dreams. To play Megaton Rainfall is to inhabit a flying superhero like nothing else in VR.
  • Spectacular sense of scale
  • Sense of speed and power feels incredible
  • Environmental effects are extremely well executed
  • Textures are a bit sparse
  • Inability to lock onto fast-moving targets can be frustrating
Gameplay - 8.4
Graphics - 8.5
Audio - 8.4
Longevity - 8.5

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