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Pixel Gun 3D Review

Try Pixel Gun 3D in MULTIPLAYER MODE with Cooperative, Deathmatch & Deadly Games! Also it is a cool modern block world shooter with singleplayer campaign and survival arena.

This is a pocket edition for mobile devices. Now you have a perfect chance to battle with your friends, classmates and colleagues or anyone else around the world! You can create and customize your character using a special skins maker and then show off on the battlefield! It is an awesome pocket FPS shooter for all kinds of players! Make up your mind about the gun (though you may prefer a bow or a knife) and polish your killing skills! Perform at your best and share your high score on Facebook and Twitter!

Pixel Gun 3D – Survival Campaign

In this story mode your character is “face to face” with hordes of zombies attacking you from all sides. A lot of enemies from cops & robbers to nurses and swat members! You have to wipe them out otherwise you are doomed!
Your only task is not an easy one – to whack all the monsters. Don’t let the seeds of fear grown in your head. If you survive all the attacks of the dead, you’ll face an EVIL ZOMBIE BOSS in this mod. Having made mincemeat of him, you open the portal to the next battlefields! Start your combat.


The Minecraft phenomenon has inspired a lot of people to create their own content based on the critically-acclaimed title. PCs, consoles, and mobile gaming have seen their share of these independently generated games, based on Mojang’s work, that range in genres. Pixel Gun 3D is one of those games, bringing both a survival and massive multiplayer first-person shooting experience to the iPad and iPhone.

Pixel Gun 3D comes with two modes; a single player survival campaign as well as a global multiplayer mode. Both of these contain the same features that are staplse to first person shooters; shoot, reload, and jump. Additionally, players of either mode will also enjoy the same blocky Minecraft-style artwork and graphics players have come to expect. But that is where the similarities end.

It’s quite unfortunate that an otherwise entertaining game contains so many letdowns in its controls and singleplayer mode. Players will more than likely spend most of their time playing the multiplayer and possibly tinkering with sprite customization, which can be uploaded to Minecraft itself. Pixel Gun 3D is a great little first-person shooter that really shines in its multiplayer mode, but really falls short in its bland single player.

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Pixel Gun 3D is a great little first-person shooter that really shines in its multiplayer mode, but really falls short in its bland single player.
  • Multiplayer
  • Unique maps
  • Wide choice of weapons
  • Single Player
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 8
Longevity - 8.5

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